Wedding Week.

Its wedding week! 

I wish I could say it was my wedding week, but, sadly, I can’t. I probably wouldn’t be blogging about muffins and my new outfit if it were. But it is my brother’s wedding week! So I can.

We have been waiting for this week for quite a while, and its finally here! The family and friends start flooding in today, and we can’t wait to part-ay.



Because I love to see two people so giddy in love.

Because everyone knows that you must look at the groom’s glowing (with joy and sweat) face as his bride walks towards him.

Because the bride always looks so beautiful and reminds you of your girlish dreams of your wedding day. 

Because you get a free party.

Because you get free food (and cake!)

And mostly because you get to buy a cute new outfit to wear to the wedding. Its kinda a rule.

But since I’m a bridesmaid, I didn’t get to pick out my own outfit. I get to wear a pretty eggplant purple dress that makes me look like a Greek goddess. (Or as close as I’ll ever come to one.)

But I did get to buy a new outfit for rehearsal morning and the rehearsal brunch. And it makes me happy, so be happy with me for a second and tell me its cute. Even if you don’t think so. K?

I am going to accessorize with a cute darker pearl necklace and cute sandals. I would just like to note also that everything  was on sale. I love the J Crew Outlet. It is my weakness.

Aside from my cuteness brunch outfit and being in a wedding for the first time, I can’t wait to be with all of my family and friends celebrating my brother and the love of his life! We have quite a few personalities coming, so this should be fun (:

Here we goo.. Da dun da dunn! (Sung to the tune of the “Here Comes the Bride” song, not the creepy horror movie song.)


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