what i’m loving now.

1. My friend Becky!

She flew across the country to visit me this weekend so of course she made the top of the favorites list! We went to an antique street market (which also makes the list), the cutest vintage teashop and cafe ever, Tres Jolie, and braved the rodeo in cowboy land! It was so much fun!

2. Grapefruit Izzes.


I mean, I don’t even like grapefruits. But this is different.  I can’t seem to keep enough of these things stocked up. I love them so much. I may have a problem.

3. C.S. Lewis

Smartest. Man. Ever. I want to be best friends with him so we can sit and have tea and crumpets and talk all day long. If you haven’t read him, you haven’t lived. Get off the computer and go by one of his books. Now.

4. Vintage antique markets and stores and decor!

For starters, my aunt took me to this place called the Barn that is an explosion of vintage antique decor, clothes, and jazz. Then me and Becky went to the Paris Street Market this weekend, which was an even bigger explosion of beauty. Then for lunch we ate at Tres Jolie, which I would like to be my home someday. I am finally getting my own apartment this fall, so I’m dreaming of vintage decor every night. I have liked this kind of stuff for a while now, but now I have the buzz.

5. Avocados.

Turkey, Swiss and Avocado sandwiches. Guacamole. On egg sandwiches and omelettes. Sprinkled with lemon and salt & pepper. All by its self. Its good stuff, guys. My mom always told me I should eat them because “they’re good and good for you!”. I understand now, Mom. You were right.

6. Knock Knock stuff! Check out their website on my Link Love page! They have the cutest and funniest notepads and other handy things. “They put the fun in functional.” I recently got this little receipt and money holder and tracker. I feel like such a cute grown-up.

7. Turkey and Brie and Jam Sandwiches

Reason 1: You can get them with all kinds of fun delicious jams like apple cranberry and apricot. Reason 2: They are French, gourmet, and make you feel like you should be transported to a dainty French town for lunch. Reason 3: Brie cheese. It suuuper creamy and just heavenly.

8. Playing piano.

I’ve been teaching myself, and I’m basically a master now. Not really, but I’m workin’ on it.

9. Tyrone Wells

He is definitely on my new favorite go-to playlist. If you like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Dave Barnes, and other dudes like that, you will love him.

10. Mossimo Burnout tanks.

They are comfy and summery and come in loads of colors. And they are cheap at Target! I love Target.

Happy summery days, everyone! Enjoy good friends, good food, and great sunshine! God Bless!


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